Katharine Sharp and Patchman, Achpopuli Farm, Scottish Highlands

This is a women-centred* space for farmers, growers, crofters, foresters, smallholders, ecologists, gardeners, and nature lovers, welcoming those in urban and rural spaces, who wish to build connections with the more-than-human world.

We have online skills share events and seasonal socials that focus on well being, personal reflection, mutual support and living within the rhythms of the living world. We also have a facebook group for women to share farming knowledge, ideas, questions, challenges, solutions and more. We hope to host more in-person events and retreats in the future.

*A note on language and our use of the term ‘women’

Regenerative Women on the Land hope to create a safe space that feels accessible to anyone who identifies as a woman, including transgender and intersex women as well as non-binary or gender fluid people who are comfortable in a space that centres the experience of women.

Regenerative Women on the Land want to honour the diverse life experiences and also the commonalities between people in the group, without reinforcing oppressive gender categories. We welcome feedback and collaboration to embed this in our practice and the language we use.

If you’re interested in hosting or collaborating on an event, please get in touch on: regenwomen.uk@gmail.com

The idea to set this up came from conversations at a workshop at the Oxford Real Farming Conference (Global) in January 2021 – Ranching in Relationship to the Land: A Female Perspective.

It was inspirational to have so many women farmers gathered together sharing their experiences and vulnerabilities, in a safe and supportive space. After the workshop Clem Sandison and Nikki Yoxall got together to see if they could create something similar in the UK. They were blown away by the response and the group is now being run by a collective of women who host regular online events and hope to develop more face to face gatherings.

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