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Regenerative Women on the Land are gathering for a Spring Equinox Special on Sunday 27th March from 7-8.30pm. Join us for a grounding session to reconnect with the land as it awakens, build community, and to refill our energy reserves in preparation for spring. And in celebration of Mother’s Day we’ll be showing gratitude to Mama Earth for all her gifts.

The session will include yoga with Jo Tytherleigh, readings, a grounding exercise focused on connecting with plants – especially suited for land workers – with Emilia Brumpton, a voice exercise with Brigitte Rowan, conversations, and as usual we’ll round it all off with some dancing!

Tickets by donation, or free for anyone on a low income

Yoga with Emilia will be back soon!

Sunday afternoons: A long-flowing practice, unfold yourself into the softness of Sunday afternoon by letting your body stretch, flow and unwind. A short sharing circle will welcome all voices, inviting you to let go of anything on your mind so you are able to come fully into your body and truly relax.

We will explore breathwork to oxygenate the body, move through a yoga flow combining vinyasa movement and stillness in yin postures. We will finish with a yoga nidra (yogic sleep) themed around the land and seasons.

Tuesday mornings: Morning yoga flow to start your day the right way, taking an hour for yourself to focus on your physical and mental well-being. By taking this time for your body and mind, you will be equipped to take on everything a day in life and on the land might bring!

Each class will be themed and includes meditation, breathwork, yoga flow (with some strengthening asana) and relaxation – the perfect way to start the day together!

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