The Regenerative Women on the Land team have been very busy over the summer and autumn with face to face events, hence we’ve been a bit quiet online! However we hope to get back to online socials over the Winter, so watch this space or join the facebook group for updates.

Past events

Regenerative Women on the Land are gathering for a Spring Equinox Special on Sunday 27th March from 7-8.30pm. Join us for a grounding session to reconnect with the land as it awakens, build community, and to refill our energy reserves in preparation for spring. And in celebration of Mother’s Day we’ll be showing gratitude to Mama Earth for all her gifts.

The session will include yoga with Jo Tytherleigh, readings, a grounding exercise focused on connecting with plants – especially suited for land workers – with Emilia Brumpton, a voice exercise with Brigitte Rowan, conversations, and as usual we’ll round it all off with some dancing!

All About Hedges, Thu 17 Feb, 7 – 8.30pm

Join us for this Regenerative Women on the Land skills special – an hour and half romp through, over and under hedges with Megan Gimber.

Megan is a Key Habitats Officer at People’s Trust for Endangered Species and is well known for her excellent hedge related tweets.

Megan will be covering hedge management, the ecological history of hedges, wildlife management and habitat conservation, as well as hedge condition assessment. She will also be showcasing an excellent app she developed to help farmers make appropriate management decisions for their hedges.

Prepping for Lambing, Tue 23 Feb, 7 – 8.00pm

Farm vet Dr Issa Robson will share her top tips for lambing and will answer any questions you may have about this critical time in the farming and smallholding calendar. As well as clinical farm practice, Issa has been a project manager, a lecturer and now she is a Veterinary Clinical Teaching Fellow at Surrey University.

We are delighted to have Issa join us, as she co-founded BVEDS (British Veterinary Ethnicity and Diversity Society) after realising that there was no support for BAME vets, nurses and students facing discrimination in the profession. Both overt and covert forms of racism have a real impact on the mental wellbeing of our BAME colleagues, particularly in a profession as white (97%) as vet med. Peer support, by those with similar lived experiences and educating the wider profession is key to creating a truly inclusive profession.

Issa has a policy of radical honesty and starting awkward conversations, which perfectly aligns with our aims within Regenerative Women on the Land to address inequality and the oppression of women, non-binary and trans land workers.

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